A Humane Thanksgiving

Hello All! The holiday season is upon us. Next week is Thanksgiving, which is difficult for us veggies. Thanksgiving is not very vegetarian friendly. However with a little hard work, Thanksgiving can be a great holiday for vegetarians.

The only humane part about Thanksgiving is the  presidential pardon of one turkey each year.  Last year Obama pardoned two turkeys.  Everyone thinks that this pardon is so nice and wonderful. But that is only one turkey. Obama said that he felt good about stopping the killing of these turkeys. Really? He feels good about saving two turkey’s lives? Yeah it’s better than nothing, but it is still a tiny amount compared to the millions that are killed each year. Every year, more than 45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving. For us veggies this is a very hard holiday not to think about these suffering birds. Nevertheless, we can still have a tasty humane Thanksgiving.

Instead of turkey, try Tofurkey. I know it sounds gross but it is actually very tasty and nutritious. All the sides are already vegetarian. You can even make them vegan. For example vegan pumpkin pie is easy and I think even better than regular pumpkin pie. I know this isn’t very traditional for most of you, but at least try it just once. You’ll be pleased if you eat these alternatives and you won’t miss eating real turkey. Those turkeys will be pleased too.


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